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Site Overview

Hello fellow stratagy game lovers, this text section will give you a basic overview of this site such as why I (Maurice) created it and what it's going to cover!
1)Why I created this page: I created this page so that KKND fans and stratagy game fans alike would have a place they could go to get a good overview on KKND 2.
2)What this page is going to cover: This page is going to give people a good overview of the game,   and hopefully more later on as this page expands.
3)Whats in it for me (Maurice): I created this page for two reasons one was all of the above, and two was that I would win the KKND 2 contest at the official KKND 2 site!  

"This is one of the most entertaining RTS games Iíve played recently. ... This game is easily worth your money... - Score: 90%" - Computers R Us

Game overview

Hi, KKND 2 is a great RTS game where three species come into play (see species overview), The Evolved, The Survivers and the new and improved Series 9 robots!
They have made several improvements over the original including but not limited to: New air, land and sea units; Improved AI (artificial intelligence) which learns your strenghs and weakness and will not attack an enemy that is more powerful etc; A mission editor for making custom single or multiplayer maps; Custom made constuctible units and editable existing units; 3D tarrain; Fog of war and line of sight which allow ambushing hideing etc; New unit orders including fight, defend, waypoints etc; New landscapes including, Urban, highlands etc which allow for things like deconstuctable bridges etc....and much much more.  

"... the computer's Killer Intelligence is one of the best in this genre - 86%" - PC Action

Species overview

Hi this section will give you a basic overview of the species in KKND 2 Krossfire!
1)The Evolved: The evolved are those mutated dudes that stayed up there in the nuclear war and got even more mutated and now instead of using tanks and stuff they use mutated beasts of war as their vehicles.

2)The Survivers:The Survivors are those militaristic people who dug deep down in the Earth when the radiation came and now their back with new weapons and tanks and are ready to kick some serious butt!
3)The Series 9 Robots: The Series 9 robots are those agricultural robot dudes that did all the farmin and stuff and when the nukes destroyed their crops (which was their reason for living) they went nuts and decided to crush those insullent humans who had destroyed their reason for existing.
The result of all these very pissed off species coming together is one of the greatest wars in history I can almost hear the Series 9 robots advancing and sayiing in their tinney computerized voice "Resistance is futile" and the roars of the beasts used by The Evolved getting closer and closer and the crunshing of the weels used by The Survivors nearing the location. I personally would be either the Series 9 robots or The Survivors I usaully have this inexplicable hatred for mutated basterds don't you?

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"I envisage many more sleepless nights [with KKnD Krossfire]." - PC Gamer