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    This page is about me, my friends, my school, my life n all that (and some insults to my sibling)! And also how annoyingly cheap my dad is! And how my mom is a new age freak (not dissing you if you are one), how many pets I have and all that other crap!

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Hi, I'm Maurice Fawcett, I live with my dad and we have one cat, my mom and dad seperated so I stayed with my dad and my sis stayed with my mom, my mom just lives in the next block so it's pretty good!


I'm friends with most of the boys in my class but most are just school friends my good freinds are Jonathon, Alex, Graham and Joseph! I always walk up to school with Graham and Alex (two of my very first friends since I moved here) and Jonathon usaully comes over or I go over to his place!
I have tons of friends over the internet (most on ICQ) to many to count!


My first and foremost hobbie is computers, I'm rekowned as "The class computer freak" I have like, 40 or so games and well, you get the idea! I'm a UFOologist as sorts (I like to think of myself as one anyway) I've done tons of reserch on UFO's and the govt conspiracy! I'm also interested in Ghosts and the like!