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Who I am and what I'm like!

Hiya. Well, I'm back from spring break and yet another day of school (groan). I know I haven't updated this website in a long long long long time but I'll be getting back here a lot more these days. I just hafta think of something to do a page on, and I'll try to do it. Anyway, I gotta go, got some page makin to do.


Hi I'm Maurice Fawcett I'm a 14 and a half year old male living in Canada B.C.! I am living in a small town called Kaslo (It's dullsville) the population is about 1100 or so! I am just going into grade 8 right now so I'm a freshmen! I like to do reserch on UFO's/aliens and I believe in the govt conspiracy! I also like sci-fi and listening to rock n roll! I like watching a lot of movies too! I have one little brat of a sister who I hate! She listens to Spice Girls (Ugh) and the like. If you have ICQ my number is 17608492 look me up ok? Thanks! (P.S. Check out my Emperors Hammer Page!)

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The Pages In My Website

Maurices Emperors Hammer Page
On this page I describe The Emperors Hammer (it has cool graphics)
Maurices Air Force Pics
My small gallery of air force pics
Maurices KKND 2 Fan PAge
My KKND 2 Fan Page (duh)

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