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My intro to the Emperors Hammer

Ok, so your probertly wondering "What the heck is The Emperors Hammer" well it's an online Star Wars group for playing the Star Wars computer games (made by Lucas Arts). The Emperors Hammer consists of diffrent subdivisions for diffrent games! The games that I know there are subdivisions for are, Jedi Knight, Rebellion, Xwing VS Tie Fighter, Tie Fighter, Dark Forces and there will be more subdivisions as more Star Wars games come out such as Force Commander and Rogue Squadron. The subdivision that I am in is the Dark Brotherhood! It is for playing Jedi Knight. There are separete subdivisions in the subdivision of the DB (Dark Brotherhood), let me explain. In the DB there are clans and in these clans there are houses and in these houses there are subdivisions which are, Obelisk, Sith, Krath. Members have diffrent ranks I am a PRT (Protecter)the first rank is NOV (Novice) from there you move up in rank as promotions grant! Well, that is my explanation for The Emperors Hammer! I hope you found it adiquit!

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